Yes, that feeling when you almost got it right and then something happened and it was all thwarted.
Or that feeling when you were expecting much from something or someone, but then they failed you and all what-nots.


Can you imagine?
After typing word upon word for several minutes, trying to rack my brain on the way to make every word come together in a perfect sync.

I’m in an excited state anticipating the joy my post will bring to the face of my lovely readers as it will bring to mine also. And then powww, I click on the X button and before my face, the page closes.

It’s like a dream I’m rudely awakened from, my mind refuses to accept the reality. How could it have closed so fast, I ask myself. And then I remember, “oh, i forgot to save it as I typed”.

I was working on something with a friend recently, then there was a pop-up on his laptop screen alerting him that his chrome browser has crashed, the way he exclaimed would even almost open the ears of a deaf person.


I was like what happened?

“I was filling a form online and I’ve not completed it yet”, he replied. The worse part, he continued,” is that I purposely made my browser crash forgetting that I was still filling the form”.

He had a form with a very close deadline to submit, he was almost through with the form-filling,but he had not been saving to word or anything and then his browser crashed.

Disappointment is a very intense feeling, but it is worse when the source of disappointment is someone close to you or even you yourself. Such things if you are not strong-hearted can kill( figuratively).

So in the case of computers, how do we avoid cases that lead to disappointment?

  1. When using Microsoft Word, always save your work intermittently
  2. When a pop-up comes for you to close a file or a page, think twice before clicking the close button
  3. Before shutting down your computer or closing any file on your computer, ensure that you’ve saved all your work
  4. ……………Include your story…………………


P.S: I was working on a post for the blog when I mistakenly closed the page without saving it. It was such a terrible moment( I couldn’t cry). I was like, WHAT?



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