The Change Chain

So I read this piece on . It summarily emphasizes the importance and reward of honesty.

Everyone keeps pointing hands at everybody saying everybody is this, everybody is that; we keep claiming others are dishonest, sly, irresponsible e.t.c; we point figures at bad government officials, corrupt police officers, dishonest political aspirants; we clamor for change but we refuse to let the change start with us.

Where then do we start from? Where does this change come from?

We have to learn to start blaming others and start fixing issues from our end. We claim corruption is bad but every time we are in the exam hall, we are the first to start the cheating process. We cannot continue in our old ways and expect new results *it just doesn’t work that way*. We have to start with us. Let the change start from you and me, let’s start the change chain. If you have the power to make someone happy do it, the world needs more of that. A  line in the song Great Nation by Timi Dakolo says we’re all we have. Check out the lyrics to this song here.

It is Nigeria’s month of independence, let the change chain start moving.

Yes we can
                                                         Yes we can



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  1. True! When the change starts with us, it would translate to a national one. Also, it’s no more October 1 that reminds us of our need for independence but the whole month of October!


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