i am watchingย ย 

She is silent
She is quiet
She is growing

He picks up his belt and uses it on his wife
He leaves a bottle half filled with alcohol on the table
She uses abusive words freely on her husband
but they are WATCHING

i am watching

They are watching your actions
They imitate your behavior
They are a mirror of what you do

i am watching

You are laying a legacy
You are making a landmark
You are affecting lives
And they are WATCHING

P.S: She is a daughter, he is a father, she is a mother, they are mentees.

Whether you are a parent, a sister, a brother, a leader, a mentor, or even a menteeโ€ฆ Someone is being affected by the way you live your life and also by the decisions you make.

Decide to live a life of positive impact today. Stop the violence and do something good for someone in your community today.


doing good, showing love


Share this post to as many as you can and spread the message.


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