A Trip To Okpokunou: About Last Weekend

I and my NYSC bestie, Faith, had a very eventful weekend. Yea, it was eventful because of the trip we embarked on.

Okpokunou is a community village in Delta state, and it is also my PPA. If you read my earlier post on my NYSC trials, you would kind of understand how that place is.

That aside, it’s the hols, and as teachers, we have about 6 weeks of holidays, and so time for touring, YEAH.

I’ve visited Faith at her PPA, and now last weekend was her turn to visit. It was the first time she would visit somewhere outside her LGA and it was very phenomenal for her (she isn’t the traveller kind of person, you see).

The journey lasted about two hours plus, and it was definitely photo-filled and fun-filled; from how Faith was banned from operating her phone in the car ‘cos we were at an army checkpoint, to eating at the bus station, and to how she was amazed at the distance and *insideness* of my place( my place is very far).

However, the journey seemed shorter to me ‘cos I had someone to chat with. It was like I was travelling to my PPA for the first time through her eyes.

Let the pictures speak:

Friends trip
Le travellers….Friends on trip😁👭


Trip-bus station
At the bus station


In life you can either choose to be happy or sad, I choose to be happy.

My picture story
Because I’m happy…

P.S: Hurrah, it’s the blog one (1) year anniversary this week, and I’m going to be flooding your timeline with different blog posts this week. Sit tight, and get ready.

P.P.S : I really wanted to upload more pictures, but the internet connection at my place refused to agree, so please bear with me.

Cheers to a blogilicious week.


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