Song Of The Week: No Longer Slave To Fear by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Hey Friends, how are you all doing? It's been a while since I shared the song of the week with you. So here I am with the song of the week, NO LONGER SLAVE TO FEAR; a song that I've come to love since the first time I heard it. I'm sure you will love... Continue Reading →

Excerpts from the Novel, Unashamed By Francine Rivers

“Why would God take note of an unworthy woman like me?” “Because the Lord knows His people wherever they are, even when they’re inside the wals of a pagan city. He knew you, Rahab, and He answered the prayer of your heart. God saved you from death, and God is now offering you a way to be grafted into His people.”

Lessons From The Movie: The Accountant

Earlier this month, the Mount Zion Faith Ministries released the movie: The Ignition on youtube for free, and it was really a great movie with important lessons to learn. Just last week, The Accountant, another movie from Mount Zion Faith Ministries was released on YouTube. I was opportune to watch it, and I decided to... Continue Reading →

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